Friday, May 29, 2009

BING - Microsoft Announced New Search Engine

Hi All,

On 28th Nay 2009 morning Microsoft official Steve Ballmer speaking at D Conference where he announced a new improved search product BING. It is stated this is the new improved search product rolling out to Microsoft internal staff and will be publicly available in coming days.

They named Bing as a decision engine that not like a traditional search engine but it helps user to find faster whatever they are looking for on search engine. Bing is an improved search engine which shows perfect relevant search results in well organized manner and also includes unique tools that help to make quick decisions. They invite visitors to take a look at this new improved search engine “Bing”.

For further information visit following link

Let’s wait for Bing…

Bhavesh Goswami.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Google webmaster tool design updates

Google announced a design updates in their webmaster tool. Google stated
"We decided to start from the ground up with a brand new webmaster tools design."

Message Center: In new improved design structure Google now display Message at the top of the dashboard to make sure that you never miss any important notification.

Dashboard: They included all important links on the dashboard like Top search queries, crawl errors, sitemaps and links to your site. These are the link that webmaster often visit.

Top search queries: Google declare that they improved the result in this area and now showing upto 100 search queries through which user came across your website.

XML Sitemap Tracking for multiple users: This new feature allow to track sitemap submitted by other users and check the status of sitemap submitted by you or other user subscribe to Google webmaster tool for the same site.

Improved navigation and menu list: Now it is easy to access navigate through different section of webmaster tool.

Topic wise help: New improved help center will show related help articles for the specific page you are visiting in webmaster tool.

Verification required to access functionality: Before for unverified sites you can use features like sitemaps, robots.txt testing and generate robots.txt. Now in newly improved webmaster tool to access any tool you need to verify your website before accessing any of the functionality.

So, go ahead and check all new features. Best of luck.