Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Cross-domain duplication – Google Explanation

Google is always in process to help website owner and webmaster to fit again duplicate issue. On 15th Dec 2009 Google officials announced how to rectify cross-domain content duplication issue. Before few months Google published how to control duplication within same domain. Cross domain duplication is generally take place in shopping related websites. To help site owner to fight with this issue they are now announcing their support for the cross-domain rel=”canonical” link element.

Choose preferred domain

In general what happen when search engines find duplication? Google take one copy of the website and filter other duplicate domain, now they don’t penalize for duplication but avoid to show duplicate domain in their search result. Sometimes it happen Google take wrong domain in consideration and popup it in their search result, to avoid this Google announced how to fight again cross-domain duplication.

Reduce duplication within the domain

Before starting with cross-domain duplication you must reduce duplication within the domain. Click on the below link to know how to reduce duplication within the domain

Use 301 redirect when possible

Use appropriate 301 redirect. This redirect helps search engines to understand which your preferred domain is and also help to clear which URL should be indexed. This is the best method to let everyone know which preferred content is. When you use 301 redirect make sure none of the URL who redirect not blocked by robots.txt file. Also don’t forget to specify your preferred domain with www or without www in Google Webmaster Tool.

Specify cross-domain rel=”canonical” link element

This canonical link element is useful in the case where its not easy to setup redirects. In this case user rel=”canonical” link element to specify which domain and URLs are you preferred to index. For example you have two different websites like and , now both websites supply same content and your preferred domain is, here you use canonical link element like rel=”” this will tell search engine that is your preferred domain for indexing.

If you still have any doubt regarding this cross-domain duplication issue please feel free to post a comment and I will be happy to assist you to get rid of it.

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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Check Your Website Speed - New Feature in Google Webmaster Tool

Google announced on 2nd Dec 2009 about the new feature recently included in Google Webmaster Tool. This tool help website owner to check the speed performance of their websites. This new feature will allow you to check the speed of your website and to know more about how to make your website load faster to improve user experience visit following page

These steps guide you to make your website load faster.

Visit Google webmaster tool and verify the ownership of your website and then you will be able to check the performance of your website. Under Labs tab you will find a link with Name Site Performance and Google will show the chart that describe the how much time your website take while loading.

Bhavesh Goswami.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Duplicate content myth and multiple site issues – Google Explanation

Last month Greg Grothaus an Engineer from Google search quality team speaks about what is duplicate content and how they treat website with duplicate content.

Here is the summary of the conference which was held at Search Engine Strategies San Jose.

How webmaster judge if their website is penalize in Google search?
He clearly mentioned that there is no penalty for duplicate content. The main reason webmaster thinks their website penalizes because sometime they find their website in omitted results. Actually web pages listed in omitted results are not penalize but Google want to show diversity in the search results. So, if Google find two different pages with same content and if you search for the specific keyword Google will show the important page for the keyword you typed in and omit the other page. What actually happen if you have two different pages with same printed content and if you don’t block page using robots.txt or meta noindex tag then Google will choose one from the list which it find more useful.

Here is the example of eight different URLs all are identical :

You will find many website have different URLs from same page. All URLs are different with same content. Google will not penalize your website for this but it will dilute your link popularity. For example if you have several website linking to one page of your site and some other websites pointing to other duplicate URL cumulate link juice. Also search engine get confused in selecting the user-friendly URL and sometime show up wrong URL that offset your branding efforts. Other problem is inefficient crawling because Google crawling the same content for different duplicate pages and give less time to the new pages.

To avoid duplicate content issues use the following steps

(1) Canonical Version: Here you can specify the page which you want Google and other search engines to crawl and ranked.
(2) 301 Redirects: This is called permanent redirect means redirect duplicate pages to your preferred URL.
(3) Also in Google webmaster tool specify version of your website with WWW or without WWW.

Multiple Site Issues

Use different domain names for different country. Write different content for different audiences because here also duplicate content issue affects your ranking in search engines.

If you have same content website for different audience let say for Australian audience and British audience Google will show only one website.
To avoid this problem you need to specify your website region in Google webmaster tools.

Bhavesh Goswami.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

What is GEO targeting? How it will help my website? How to do it?

The goal behind every website is to increase traffic. It is vital part of targeting your website for the specific visitors who view your website. For example if you are market only covers UK then your content should include this word, so people come to know that your business is mainly focused on UK market.

GEO targeting is the method of online marketing of a website according to the geographical location of visitors of your website. Geo targeting help you to improve the profit and also help users to find more specific results they are looking for.

IP based geo targeting will help you redirect your visitors to the country specific website. For example like Google, if you open from UK it will redirect you to this call IP based geo targeting. In PHP a simple script is available which recognized the country by IP address and redirect them.

How it will help in SEO and how to do it?

Geo targeting is also a crucial part in optimization process for your website. Search engines are become advance and change their algorithm regularly to provide up to date information to their searchers. Geo targeting your website for a specific county help search engine to determine your targeted country specific users and accordingly that they improve your ranking in their results.

Search engine first try to find where the website is hosted. If your target market is German or France or Canada and your hosting server located somewhere in USA then it will not help you to optimize your website for country specific search engines. So try to find a web hosting provider whose server is located in your region.

Top level domain or TLD of domain name is also play an important role. If your target customer base is France then try to search for a domain name with country specific TLD like

Google webmaster tool is another useful way to let Google know which your targeted audience is. You need to create an account in Google Webmaster Tool and then specify your targeted country through drop down box.

Content is the king in optimizing a website. You should also include the country name in your content to let search engine know about your targeted audience.

Bhavesh Goswami.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Which website performs better in terms of SEO? – CSS Based or Table Based

Google officials clear some doubts related to website designed based on CSS and Table. Currently wordpress, joomla, Web2.0 and other CMS (Content Management System) becoming more popular and many website owners believes that CSS based website performs well in major search engines.

But Google official Matt Cut clearly mentioned in his recent video both website designed using CSS or Table perform well in search engine. They do not have different criteria for crawling CSS based and Table based websites. What things they consider is only the well structured language. If you are using Table for your website design, do not put your HTML coding in complex table structure, it is hard for search engine to crawl a complex table structure website. If website designed using Table have simple and easy to understand structure then crawler crawl your website without any problem.

To improve your website ranking design your website in manner so search engine can easily access and crawl your website, make sure your website load quickly, your website provide good value for your website visitors, do not optimize your website for search engine but for website visitors and you will win the race.

Bhavesh Goswami.

Friday, May 29, 2009

BING - Microsoft Announced New Search Engine

Hi All,

On 28th Nay 2009 morning Microsoft official Steve Ballmer speaking at D Conference where he announced a new improved search product BING. It is stated this is the new improved search product rolling out to Microsoft internal staff and will be publicly available in coming days.

They named Bing as a decision engine that not like a traditional search engine but it helps user to find faster whatever they are looking for on search engine. Bing is an improved search engine which shows perfect relevant search results in well organized manner and also includes unique tools that help to make quick decisions. They invite visitors to take a look at this new improved search engine “Bing”.

For further information visit following link

Let’s wait for Bing…

Bhavesh Goswami.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Google webmaster tool design updates

Google announced a design updates in their webmaster tool. Google stated
"We decided to start from the ground up with a brand new webmaster tools design."

Message Center: In new improved design structure Google now display Message at the top of the dashboard to make sure that you never miss any important notification.

Dashboard: They included all important links on the dashboard like Top search queries, crawl errors, sitemaps and links to your site. These are the link that webmaster often visit.

Top search queries: Google declare that they improved the result in this area and now showing upto 100 search queries through which user came across your website.

XML Sitemap Tracking for multiple users: This new feature allow to track sitemap submitted by other users and check the status of sitemap submitted by you or other user subscribe to Google webmaster tool for the same site.

Improved navigation and menu list: Now it is easy to access navigate through different section of webmaster tool.

Topic wise help: New improved help center will show related help articles for the specific page you are visiting in webmaster tool.

Verification required to access functionality: Before for unverified sites you can use features like sitemaps, robots.txt testing and generate robots.txt. Now in newly improved webmaster tool to access any tool you need to verify your website before accessing any of the functionality.

So, go ahead and check all new features. Best of luck.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Add Your Website at No Cost in OWD

Hi All,

I am very happy to announce our new Web Directory. This directory is 100% user and SEO friendly that will help your website rank higher in all search engines and also help to improve your website visitors. We have considered all aspects from SEO point view to ensure big plus for your optimization process. In OWD we have three different types of listing including Free (which require reciprocal), Featured (Paid) in just $9.99 for whole single year and Enhanced (Paid) $14.99 per year. This is our promotional offer and for limited time period, so hurry.

Here is the snapshot of the OWD

So, be the first to get listed in PR 2 and make your website more visible to search engine and your visitors.

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Friday, February 20, 2009

Specify your preferred URL – Canonical URL

Now you can specify your preferred URL that can be accessible through different URL. If you have a large database driven website and have product pages with almost similar content, then its now easy to let search engine know which one is your preferred URL that you want to get listed in search engine for natural ranking.

Let’s take one example, you are selling ipod and your preferred URL


If user can access this page using different URLs as shown below




To let search engine know your preferred URL add following <link> tag in between head tag of your duplicate content page (URL1 & URL2).

Ex. <link rel=”canonical” href=””>

This will tell search engine that your duplicate content pages are refer to canonical URL.

If you have any question then write a comment and I will help you to sort our your problem.

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Bhavesh Goswami.