Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Cross-domain duplication – Google Explanation

Google is always in process to help website owner and webmaster to fit again duplicate issue. On 15th Dec 2009 Google officials announced how to rectify cross-domain content duplication issue. Before few months Google published how to control duplication within same domain. Cross domain duplication is generally take place in shopping related websites. To help site owner to fight with this issue they are now announcing their support for the cross-domain rel=”canonical” link element.

Choose preferred domain

In general what happen when search engines find duplication? Google take one copy of the website and filter other duplicate domain, now they don’t penalize for duplication but avoid to show duplicate domain in their search result. Sometimes it happen Google take wrong domain in consideration and popup it in their search result, to avoid this Google announced how to fight again cross-domain duplication.

Reduce duplication within the domain

Before starting with cross-domain duplication you must reduce duplication within the domain. Click on the below link to know how to reduce duplication within the domain

Use 301 redirect when possible

Use appropriate 301 redirect. This redirect helps search engines to understand which your preferred domain is and also help to clear which URL should be indexed. This is the best method to let everyone know which preferred content is. When you use 301 redirect make sure none of the URL who redirect not blocked by robots.txt file. Also don’t forget to specify your preferred domain with www or without www in Google Webmaster Tool.

Specify cross-domain rel=”canonical” link element

This canonical link element is useful in the case where its not easy to setup redirects. In this case user rel=”canonical” link element to specify which domain and URLs are you preferred to index. For example you have two different websites like and , now both websites supply same content and your preferred domain is, here you use canonical link element like rel=”” this will tell search engine that is your preferred domain for indexing.

If you still have any doubt regarding this cross-domain duplication issue please feel free to post a comment and I will be happy to assist you to get rid of it.

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