Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tips on speed up your website

As we all now aware that Google consider site speed as a new ranking algorithm and we all need to start worry about how to increase page speed. There are around 200 factors that Google consider for ranking of any website in Google search and site speed is one of them. We all know about on page optimization, off page optimization, social book marking, forum submission, etc. These all parameters are consider for effective ranking in search engines but know start thinking about increase site speed.

Google and Mircosoft did lots of research about the page loading effect on user experience and final conclusion is people stay on the website that load quick. Here are few things that every webmaster and website owner should consider.

I highly recommend to download YSlow that will show your website overall score. This score will give you exact idea how much exercise you require for your website to load faster. Compare your competitor’s websites and check how much they score, if you score is lower than your competitor then you need to worry about your website performance.

Reduce page size - Remove all unwanted tag from HTML tags and space from your HTML code.

Don't use inline CSS - Instead of using inline CSS create a css file and call file on every page of your website that will also help in reducing download speed.

Progressive rendering web page - Progressive rendering is very helpful as browser shows whatever information they have and progressively wait for other data to load. To implement progressive rendering on your website put your style sheet at the top of the page so browser display step by step informative and load your website as soon as possible.

Fewer HTTP request - Reduce the number of HTTP request as this will help quick rendering of your web page. You can minimize HTTP request by combining files, combine css and combine scripts.

Include JavaScript at the bottom - Use javascript at the bottom of the page this will help to load your page quick. When browser download javascript it will stop downloading your website data, so any parallel downloading will stop when browse request Javascript downloading.

GZip Compression - This is very important as it will help to reduce the size of the web page and make website load quicker. If your website developed using PHP then you can put simple code at the top of the page for GZip Compression, here is the code

We have successfully implemented this on our website at WebHostingWish. Try to find any tool that will check Gzip Compression.

Increase Browser Cache - This is another important aspect that helps to reduce the web page rendering time. Increasing browser caching will help loading your web page faster, this work like this if someone visit your website browse cache all data of your website and for any subsequent visit you don’t need retrieve data again as its already stored in cache. You can write command in you .htaccess file for browser cache.

So, keep all above mentioned factors in mind that will definitely help to load your website quicker and eventually help to rank better in Google for your important phrases.

Bhavesh Goswami.