Saturday, February 23, 2013

Warning to website that participate in paid linking

Google is now going to be very strict to website that selling or passing a page rank. In recent Google updates they gave reminder to all websites who are selling or passing link to manipulate page rank and website ranking. Beware if you are one of them, Google count this technique as a violation of their quality guideline and website losing their trust in search ranking.

Many websites already affected with paid linking violation. In Google Webmaster Tool if its showing a notification message stating that Google found some unnatural or unethical links point to your websites or your website point to other website to only passes page rank, this is indication that you lost trust rank in Google search result page.

You can still offer paid link but make sure that all links point to out to other website must be with rel="nofollow" attribute. If you think your website rank went down then it might be possible your website lost trust rank in search result. Try to remove links that pass page rank or link them with nofollow attribute. If you got a penalty for paid linking then after above correction you need to submit reconsideration request. If you had a manual webspam action then someone from Google Team will review your website and you will be notified with the status if your application was rejected or granted.

Google also warn that they take this issue seriously. If you want to rank high or maintain your current ranking then do not participate in Paid Link or Buying a link. Always use nofollow attribute when participate in Paid link. If you caught in to buying links then your website might loss trust rank, loss page rank or in worst case will be removed from Google search result.

So, try to follow Google Quality Guideline, only use white-hat SEO tactics, never participate in link farm or paid link, don’t do keyword stuffing, try to make your website for your visitors not for search engine.

Bhavesh Goswami.