Thursday, August 4, 2011

Get your page cached with Google Fetch as Googlebot

Today Google announced : If you wish to get your page cached and index quickly then this feature is now available in Google Webmaster Tool. To get your page cached quickly go to Webmaster Tool and then go to Fetch as Googlebot which now provides a way to submit a new or updated URL to Google for indexing. If anyone submit a URL like this then the page will be cached instantly usually within a day. Google also clarify that “we don’t give guarantee about URL submitted this way will be indexed”. This will not effect Google regular caching and indexing process.

This will definitely help website owner or webmaster who recently updated their page or added new valuable pages to their website. Now without waiting you can invite Googlebot to crawl a new or updated page.

How to submit your URL:
Login to your webmaster account >> Then go to Diagnostic >> Fetch as Googlebot to fetch the URL you want to submit. After submitting URL you will see a new link to submit page for indexing. Once you submit URL it will drive you to dialog box that allow you to choose whether you want to submit only submitted URL or URL and all linked pages.

Limit: You can submit 50 URLs in a week and when submitted with all linked pages then the limit is 10 URLs per month.

Submit URL without Webmaster Tool:

You can directly submit URL for inclusion without verifying owner ship of domain. Go to Crawl URL Form and submit web pages to get cached and indexed quickly. Keep in mind still the same limit applies for verified users.

So, now don’t wait long for Google to come and cache your page. Now you can tell Google to cache and index your page.

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Bhavesh Goswami,
SEO Expert.