Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Regional Search Engine Optimization

It is quite interesting to discuss this topic. Nowadays it’s important to reach to the local targeted audience looking for local information. Search engines are also work to provide more precise result for local searchers. So, competition is really tough and every search engine optimization company needs to focus on this issue.

To target your website for local search engines is most essential part of search engine marketing. Here are some steps that you should keep in consideration

Server Location – Location of your hosting server is most important factor in optimizing website for local search engine. For example if you want to optimize your website for or or then consider to host your web pages in server located in UK.

Significant TLD – Second important thing is TLD (Top Level Domain) of your domain name. It is wise to choose a domain name that has a regional significance. For example domain help you much to get good ranking in

Content of Web Site – Content is third and always important factor for website optimization. If you are optimizing web page for uk search engine then try to use uk logically in your web content. It will be easy for search engine to understand who your target audience is and your chances of getting good ranking in targeted region will be higher.

Bhavesh Goswami

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Google Supplement Result – Goggle Stop to Display Results from their Extended Database

Google announced from the 1st of August they will stop showing any pages from their supplemental result.

From last week I was constantly monitor on Google site index result and I was amazed that now Google don’t show result from that extended database. I checked number of websites and search for thousand results but I was unable to find any pages under supplement results, so Google take off results from their extended database.

Then I started to digging around Official Google Webmaster Central Blog and there they have clearly mentioned from 31st of July they would stop labeling supplemental result in SERP. Matt (Google Software Engineer) clearly mentioned in his video that many people asked him about site: and supplemental results that index in SERP by Google, Matt told don’t worry about supplemental result as Google going to change their algorithm to make search results more specific and accurate, also told that there are at least two changes in Google infrastructure first is deliberately trying to make search result more accurate and second is to change infrastructure to improve quality but as a site benefit it counts result from the site more accurately when it involved in supplemental results.

I think this is enough to understand, if have any other question please leave a comment to discuss this issue in further detail.

Bhavesh Goswmai.