Friday, March 16, 2007

Optimize Image for Search Engine


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Here i am going to discuss one other issue related to optimizing a website for search engine. As we all know Image is very important part for visual representation of a website. Image will say mch more about your website and choosing a image that reflect your business is a very typical and important task. Your website image will say much more about your business or product. So, it is very important to optimize a image of a website for search engine. Choose an image that make sense otherwise you will loose your visitors.

How to optimize a website for Google Image Search?

Giving a name to image is most important. If your website sell gift products than give a meaningful name to an image. Instead of using image1.jpg give a name babygift.jpg or anything else that show the name of your product or service.

Dont forget to include Alt Tag for your image. Alt tag is also important from SEO point of view because search engine will never crawl an image but it include ALT TAG text in their search result.

We know that loading of a website is very important and it directly influence the performance of website visitors experience. Size of image can create long time to load web page if images are not well optimized. Try to compress image using photoshop option "Save for Web (Alt + Ctrl + Shift)". Also you can use any image editing software available in market to compress a website.

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Monday, March 12, 2007

Important SEO Tactics that your competitors have


I am in this filed from last 3 years and searching around the net for finding some high ranked websites. I deeply crawl many websites that ranked high in SERP for specific keywords and after studing their website i found some minor but most effective tactics that other webmasters dont use. I found many small mistake that cause big problem in ranking. I advice all SEOs looking for high ranking must consider following tactics.

PAGE TITLE : Simple but Attractive

I found many websites that stuffed number of keywords in their website title and i shocked when i visited some website that have used around five to six lines in their title. I advice those webmaster who are using accessive keywords in their title. Try to make your title length around 12 words and maximum 60 characters. Google and other search engine will not crawl title that is too long and also if stuffed number of keywords than you are near to get banned because your chance for getting high ranked is better but after sometime when search engine will able to find keyword stuffing than your site will be get banned from their result. So, make your site title more effective and easily readble to both your website visitors and also search engine.

Clean and eye catching web site design

This is not part of SEO or web promotion but SEO must keep in mind that site must look good so visitors like to visit site often. Clean and attractive site design drive user to come to your website and also marketing your website to their friends and relative. One of the site i refer to many of my friend is because i like this website. So, mouth advertising will also help you website in building good user base. Also site must be easily accessible. All important pages about your product or service must clearly visible to user. This will also help search engine to crawl all important pages. If you have deep linking on your site that create a sitemap so search engine find your website easily.

On page keywords

Make sure you have well optimized content on your index page because your index page is most important from search engine point of view. Search engine often visit your home page and than find inner pages of your website. Make sure you have liste all important keywords in your content but beware of keyword stuffing again. Try to use keyword phrase that you think website visitor may use to find your website.

Relevant Link

Try to get some quality link back from the relavent site. The site that link to your website must have relevant topic, atleast PR 4, page where they will place your link must be crawled regularly by all search engine otherwise it will be useless. Avoid link back from FFA type websites.

We will discuss it in detail later but i want to advice all SEO to follow these steps because these tactics will surely help their website to get ranked high in Search Engine.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

How to start with New Website?

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How to start with a newly developed websites? This most common and important question that every SEO guys have in their mind. Once website is ready main work of SEO starts from optimizing it for search engine so search engine can find each and every page easily and can crawl whole website regularly. Some SEOs doing one big mistake that make site hard to crawl inner pages. First go thorugh the whole website and check the content and URL of the websites. Make sure URL must contain the main keyword like if you have any subpage than the URL must be

or if you have subdomain than

Search engine higly relay on the URL of the website so make sure that your sub pages and sub domains contain keyword.

Other thing is that look deeply in the content of the each and every pages. As we all know Content is King so make sure website content is well optimized and contain relevant keywords ane key phrases. Once you have checked URL and content other thing is to keep in mind is that backlink. Avoid FFA (Free For All) type of backlink, your main focus is get good link partners or you can also search for instant link back provider. Beware of SEO companies stating that they will provide thousands of backlinks to your website because if search engine find thousands of backlink in a month or two than your website probably near to death(banned). Never try to cheat search engine otherwise you have to pay for it.

One simple and effective way is to post your website link in some good related forum. I manange one big forum and daily i found number of adult posting and we delete it from our result so go for targeted traffic and aviod to post your website in every forum. First search for the forum that related to your website topic and than post information about your service or product whatever you are selling or provide to the customer.

So these are the small but main features that affect highly on raking your website in SERP.

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Wednesday, March 7, 2007

What wil be the future of SEOs?


First let me introduce little about my self. My name is Bhavesh Goswami and working in a USA based company. I am with this company from last 3 years and working as a Search Engine Optimization Expert and Web Promotion Expert. I did SEO on many websites and most of them are on good position in Google for our most relevant keywords.

I created this blog specially to discuss about the future of the guys working as SEO. As we all know that the future of any company or website depends on SEO but have you ever think on what we are depending? Obviously on search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, AltaVista, etc. What will be future of SEOs? I am seriously worried about this question. Now competitions are very tuff and website owners now focusing on advertise in Search Engine, Directories, Channels and Radio. Sometime I scream in my dream while thinking, what happen if Google will only focus on advertising and if Google will not crawl website regular to provide high potential to their paid advertisers. This is really a serious issue and I think all SEOs and Web Promotion experts need to think about it.