Friday, March 16, 2007

Optimize Image for Search Engine


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Here i am going to discuss one other issue related to optimizing a website for search engine. As we all know Image is very important part for visual representation of a website. Image will say mch more about your website and choosing a image that reflect your business is a very typical and important task. Your website image will say much more about your business or product. So, it is very important to optimize a image of a website for search engine. Choose an image that make sense otherwise you will loose your visitors.

How to optimize a website for Google Image Search?

Giving a name to image is most important. If your website sell gift products than give a meaningful name to an image. Instead of using image1.jpg give a name babygift.jpg or anything else that show the name of your product or service.

Dont forget to include Alt Tag for your image. Alt tag is also important from SEO point of view because search engine will never crawl an image but it include ALT TAG text in their search result.

We know that loading of a website is very important and it directly influence the performance of website visitors experience. Size of image can create long time to load web page if images are not well optimized. Try to compress image using photoshop option "Save for Web (Alt + Ctrl + Shift)". Also you can use any image editing software available in market to compress a website.

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