Thursday, December 20, 2007

Google New Improved Result from Supplemental Pages

Google introduced Supplemental index in 2003 to show more accurate result for search query. Actually supplement pages are those pages that Google think important for most esoteric queries. Google also make it clear before they didn’t show supplement results simply by ignoring them. Google added supplement result in search results only to help web surfers to find more specific results and for that Google improved crawler frequency.

In July Google removed supplemental results from their index and now Google says they completed the next step to eliminate artificial difference between indices. Now they show more specific result instead of crawling some part of index now they will crawl in depth to show more specific and will not show larger set of results in search results. To improve searchers will see more results for related queries.

So from now Google comes with improved crawler efficiency that will crawl web pages that were in supplement results. It is advisable to keep eye on this new improved algorithm.

Bhavesh Goswami.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Content Analysis in Google Webmaster Tool

Google is number one search engine and always strive to provide quality results for related search queries. To make your website search engine friendly and more crawl able Google introduced Content Analysis. After login to webmaster tool you will find Content Analysis under Diagnostics Tab.

To improve the quality of website content analysis feature introduced in webmaster tool. This feature will help user to find appropriate product or service and also make site search engine friendly and easy to crawl. Under content analysis tag you will find potential issues that might affect your natural search engine ranking. Here you will find some issues with your
Title Tag
Meta Description Tag
Non-indexable content issues

Title Tag Issues : Here you will find Missing Title Tags, Duplicate title tags, Long title tags, short title tags and non-informative title tags. Once you click on Duplicate title tags it will show all urls that have same title tags.

Meta Description Issues : In this section you will find duplicate meta descriptions, long meta description and short meta descriptions issues. If you click on duplicate meta descriptions it will shows all links of your website that have same or duplicate meta descriptions.

Non-indexable Content Issues where you will find areas that are not as friendly to crawl.

Bhavesh Goswami

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Anatomy of Google Search Result

Official webmaster of Google Matt announced some tips about the anatomy of Google search result. I hope this post will help you to know about Google search results. He suggested something important for webmaster that may help webmaster but didn’t give any guarantee about his tips.

Here are some topics that he discussed earlier

As we know this come from the Title of the web page. Many website owner make mistake in title, title tag must contain a main keyword of your website you can repeat keywords maximum 2 times. Matt gave one example of Starbucks; their title is “Starbucks Homepage” but he hint that title should be like “Starbucks Coffee” instead of “Starbucks Homepage”. Sometime Google use title from the ODP (Open Directory Project) and if you want to prevent Google to use this title then simply include following Meta tag in your head tag
meta name=”robots” content=”noodp”

Snippet is the Meta description of the webpage. In Google search page you will snippet underneath the title of the page. Try to include keyword in your Meta description tag and if someone searches for related keywords then Google will display description from your Meta description tag. If Google will not find related word in your Meta description then sometimes it shows description from the content of webpage. If no description find on the page then Google include snippet from the ODP (Open Directory Project). If someone search for the word that not present in your Meta description and not in ODP then Google try to find more relevant text from the page and display in snippet.

Plus Box
If you have address on your page or map then Google will show plus box in search result. If someone like to read more about the website and click on plus box Google will show additional information about the website.

If someone does a query and if it’s in on the page then Google make it bold, so user will have exact idea about the keyword that present the website. Matt also told that Google knows about steaming, morphology and synonyms that help user to find more relevant products on the web. If someone searches for car and search result shows Mercedes in search result, but that wouldn’t be in bold, so Google only shows word in bold that actually you wrote in your search query.

Page Size
After the snippet of the web page Google shows URL of the webpage. Sometimes it will show size of the page in kilobytes. So, in the example you will find a Page size for Google it shows that the size of the page is only 6k means less size so it will load quickly.

Cached Link
Cached link actually shows the cached copy of the web page. Cached link is important when your website is down then still you can access the page by clicking on cached link from the search result. Also it will show the last cached copy of the page, so you will get idea about the last Google visited the page. Sometimes if search engine crawled snippet and the result are fresh then sometime Google indicate that site crawled ago few hours.

Site Links
Matt told that site links are 100% algorithmic and are never the result of payment; this is not done by hand. Google try to pickup the short title and description of the web page that may be helpful for searchers. They try to give more information about the web pages that they might interest in.

More Result
Sometimes you also find More Results for If Google have lots of results for the website they will show some results under site links but if have lots of pages then they show More Result link. So if you want to look at all other pages then you will find it by visiting more result link.

Bhavesh Goswami

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Live Search Back in Race – Launches Beta Webmaster Tools

Like Google and Yahoo MSN launched Webmaster Tools beta version to help business or website owners. You can now submit your website your website and sitemap to using this web address I also posted one of my website and I have few questions in my mind, still they need to work on webmaster tools as they don’t have all functionality like Google and Yahoo.

After submitting website they will ask to upload authentication xml file to root folder of your website. Also on Summary tag they are showing Domain rank in green bar but they didn’t write what that green bar represents?

Go ahead and look into beta webmaster tools of live search.

Post your comment or question here.

Bhavesh Goswami,
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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Google New Feature: Geographic Search Choice for Website Owners

Before few moths I wrote about how to optimize your website for your geographical location and from past couple of months Google constantly work on improving search result for geographic location.

Now this is very easy to say Google about your website geographical location through Google Webmaster Tool. Once you will submit your website for appropriate geographical location it will display in country specific search results.

Limitation of this toll is that you can only submit your website for only one country. But good point is that you can submit number of sub domain and per directory level. If you will not submit your website for geographical location then Google will make your website listing in particular geographical location using TLD of your domain name and the IP of your hosting server.

Bhavesh Goswami

Friday, October 26, 2007

Page Rank Update in all Google data center

From last couple of days I noticed different page rank in different Google datacenter and today in the morning when I reached to the office and as per schedule I was checking my websites I noticed PR update on all my new domains. My blog got PR 2. – 0 to 2 – 0 to 2 – 0 to 1 – 2 to 3

I visited many website today and found this PR updation is not too good for previous well ranked websites. I checked JupiterOnlineMedia network websites and other well ranked websites and I noticed most of all websites PR went down.

Recently Google had changed algorithm and very strict about paid linking. In Google webmaster tool they introduced paid links form where you can write about any website that selling or buying a link. Mostly paid linking is used to manipulation of search engine. I visited; they are also selling links and found that their page rank goes down from 7 to 4. This shows Google is very strict about paid linking and in future Google may penalize website that involved in paid linking.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Improve website ranking with Meta Description

Hi All,

Major search engines give importance to Meta Description tag. Google like to display Meta description in search result because it believes that Meta description give detail idea about the website content. While creating a Meta Description for your web pages make sure that description don’t comprise of long keyword string because it will count as spam. Well formatted Meta tag will help you improve your Click through ratio.

How to create good Meta for your web pages?
If you want to optimize each and every web pages of your site then it is must necessary to create unique Meta for every pages. Create accurate description that describes each page clearly. You can also give priority to website pages like your home page and other important pages while creating description and for less important pages you can use programmatically generated Meta description. It is quite difficult to create unique description tag for database driven website. In this case you need to create description tag programmatically but make sure that your description does not violet search engine webmaster guideline. Dynamically generated descriptions are not spammy and it must be easy to read and easy understand.
Always write clear facts in website description and make your description descriptive.

Bhavesh Goswami.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Duplicate Content caused by URL Parameters

It is very crucial to fine out how search engine find duplicate content from your site. It is easy to make website very clear and effective if it have 5 to 50 pages but this discussion come into action for large database driven websites. If your website is product base then it should have thousands of pages. Webmaster and site owner need to focus on website page duplication. In most cases duplication start from the URL parameters like session IDs or Tracking IDs.

How tracking IDs and Session IDs cause duplication?Tracking IDs and Session IDs are used to help and store user information and this is the main source of duplication. All user information go through session ID and this will cause duplicate content and create similar pages for different users.

How it will affect search engine ranking?

Search engine try to crawl as many pages identical pages but with session IDs or tracking IDs same page generate number of times and this will become main resource of duplicate content.
Also with session ID URL become user-unfriendly and it will decrease chances of selecting the listing.

How to protect your website from duplicate URL problem?
Here is the clue about protecting your website from duplication. You can ask your developer to re-write URL using .htaccess or any other good URL rewriting tools. Try to make URLs possible sort in length. If your website have number of same page with different session IDs then you can do permanent redirect (301) that will help you much.

How do I know if Google find duplicate pages from my website?Day by day Google and other major searching try to give accurate results and also try to help webmaster for optimizing website. Google is ahead in the race, they have clearly mentioned
1. When we detect duplicate content, such as through variations caused by URL parameters, we group the duplicate URLs into one cluster.

2. We select what we think is the "best" URL to represent the cluster in search results.

3. We then consolidate properties of the URLs in the cluster, such as link popularity, to the representative URL.

Bhavesh Goswami,
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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Google Website Penalty Notification

While optimizing a website for Google you always think how Google count your effort in spam tactics that violet their webmaster guideline. From 2005 Google was working on website penalty issue. Finally Google had included website penalty notification in Google Webmaster Tool.

In late 2005 Google started to send email notification to webmaster about letting them know about webmaster guideline violation. But due to number of spoof message outside from Google they took out that features before few months.

Now, Google webmaster tool is greater verified site owner, so if you want to know if your SEO tactics violating Google webmaster guideline then you need to register for webmaster tool.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Regional Search Engine Optimization

It is quite interesting to discuss this topic. Nowadays it’s important to reach to the local targeted audience looking for local information. Search engines are also work to provide more precise result for local searchers. So, competition is really tough and every search engine optimization company needs to focus on this issue.

To target your website for local search engines is most essential part of search engine marketing. Here are some steps that you should keep in consideration

Server Location – Location of your hosting server is most important factor in optimizing website for local search engine. For example if you want to optimize your website for or or then consider to host your web pages in server located in UK.

Significant TLD – Second important thing is TLD (Top Level Domain) of your domain name. It is wise to choose a domain name that has a regional significance. For example domain help you much to get good ranking in

Content of Web Site – Content is third and always important factor for website optimization. If you are optimizing web page for uk search engine then try to use uk logically in your web content. It will be easy for search engine to understand who your target audience is and your chances of getting good ranking in targeted region will be higher.

Bhavesh Goswami

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Google Supplement Result – Goggle Stop to Display Results from their Extended Database

Google announced from the 1st of August they will stop showing any pages from their supplemental result.

From last week I was constantly monitor on Google site index result and I was amazed that now Google don’t show result from that extended database. I checked number of websites and search for thousand results but I was unable to find any pages under supplement results, so Google take off results from their extended database.

Then I started to digging around Official Google Webmaster Central Blog and there they have clearly mentioned from 31st of July they would stop labeling supplemental result in SERP. Matt (Google Software Engineer) clearly mentioned in his video that many people asked him about site: and supplemental results that index in SERP by Google, Matt told don’t worry about supplemental result as Google going to change their algorithm to make search results more specific and accurate, also told that there are at least two changes in Google infrastructure first is deliberately trying to make search result more accurate and second is to change infrastructure to improve quality but as a site benefit it counts result from the site more accurately when it involved in supplemental results.

I think this is enough to understand, if have any other question please leave a comment to discuss this issue in further detail.

Bhavesh Goswmai.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Google officially announced unavailable_after meta tag is live


Google unavailable_after meta tag is live

Now it is easy to tell Google about the page which is going to expire. In my last post I wrote about this tag and now this tag is live, you can use this tag from today to tell Google about a page which is going to expire in few days and after predefined time.

For more detail visit following page
Google Unavailable meta tag

Bhavesh Goswami.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Google Introduced Site Authentication Features in Google Adsense

Today morning when I login to my Google Adsense account to check any update I found a new feature call Site Authentication was added.

This new feature will allow Google crawler to access page that require authentication, means password protected page. This feature allows Google crawler to access authenticated page and help to display more relevant ads based on content of particular web page.

Here are steps those are listed on Google Adsense page to getting started with Google Adsense Authentication

1. Enter an authentication rule

Specify an authentication URL and a set of parameters that will allow Google's web crawlers to access your content.

2. Verify your site ownership using Google Webmaster Tools

We will direct you to Google Webmaster Tools, where you can verify that you own the site by uploading a file to it or changing the META tag of a file.

3. View your improved ad targeting

When your authentication rule is verified, you should see better ad targeting on your pages. You can check the status of your authentication rules at any time.

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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Negative SEO: Sabotage competitor ranking with Negative SEO

If you are running online business and your business relies on Google, Yahoo, MSN and other search engine and if your website acquire top position in search then your competitor may try to dominate using negative SEO tactics.

Is this happen with my website? Answer is yes, if your website gain good ranking in search engine then you competitors may sabotage your natural ranking with Negative SEO. Negative SEO require good understanding of search engine algorithm and search engine rules.
So, we can divide SEO into two types
1. Constructive SEO and
2. Destructive SEO

How this destructive SEO tactics harm your website ranking?
Search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN depend on number links to a website from partners’ website. This rule is simple to understand: “If you have more link back website pointing to your website then your chances of getting higher ranking in search engine is more”. Many webmasters and SEO companies use software that submits your website in thousands of search engines and directories. If your website is fresh website or even old one and you receive thousands of links back in a short period then it will not count in natural linking but consider in artificial linking. Search engine may consider this as a Link Spamming and may banned or sabotage your website ranking. This applies in negative SEO tactics, if you competitor do same for your website then your website ranking will be affect.

Here are different ways to sabotage your natural ranking.

(1) Google Bowling
(2) Tattling
(3) Google Insulation
(4) Copyright Takedown Notices
(5) Copied Content
(6) Denial of Service
(7) Click Fraud

Bhavesh Goswami
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Friday, June 29, 2007

10 Fatal SEO Mistakes

Hi All,

SEO is not a one time process because search engines change their algorithm on regular basis to improve the search result. Some big search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, AltaVista, Inktomi, etc change their algorithm to improve visibility of website for the search terms entered by users. So, it is important for SEO Company or individual SEO guru to understand new algorithm and need to make changes accordingly to stay on top in search engines. SEO tactics that may have helped in the past may not help any more in present or in the future.

Here are some fatal SEO mistakes that affect natural search engine ranking of a website. Every SEO must keep following things in mind when they start optimizing a website for their clients.

(1) Start SEO from the beginning: - Some SEO wait for a search engine crawl to crawl website first and then implement SEO, it is highly recommend making website SEO friendly first and then only you should submit it in search engine.

(2) Make your website search engine friendly: - Other big mistake that many SEO’s do is that they don’t make site search engine friendly. To make search engine friendly website, add robotos.txt file and also try to remove query string or argument from the URL of page. Also try to include keyword in url. Make site map clear and easy to navigate so search engine easily follow all pages and can crawl website regularly. Also you can add website map in Google sitemap this will increase the visibility of your web pages in search engine index.

(3) Copying content from other website: - Website content is vital for search engine ranking. Many SEOs directly copy content from other website; this is not a good idea. Write fresh content and try to make content that is useful for users first and then for search engine.

(4) Link Farms: - Some SEO companies participate in Link farms website that provide thousands of link back in short period. It is true that link exchange can help you in improving your search engine ranking but if thousands of websites link back to your website within short period then search engine may banned your website, so never participate in link farms.

(5) Keyword Selection: - Never compete for general keywords, always try to optimize on keyword phrase. If your website is selling Flat Panel TVs then don’t optimize for TV but try to focus on relevant keyword.

(6) Keyword Stuffing in Meta and Content: - Keyword stuffing is BIG NO NO for SEO. Never stuff keywords in your Meta tag. If you put bunch of keywords in your Meta tag then the search engine considers your website as spam.

(7) Excessive use of H Tag: - Head tag acquires good percentage for optimizing a website. Use H tag for most relevant keywords. Make heading tag descriptive and meaning full.

(8) Same Meta tag through out site: - It is very crucial to write unique Meta tag for each and every page. So try to keep Meta tags different for each page. It is more difficult to write different Meta tags for dynamic website but it is important to have unique Meta for every pages.

(9) Waste time in checking website ranking in search engine: - Don’t waste your time in checking website ranking daily in search engine. Spend this time in optimizing website.

(10) Same anchor text on all link back site: - This is very important to use different anchor text for all link back sites. If you use same anchor text then it looks unnatural, so your link anchor text must varied site by site and you will see good traffic from all related anchor terms.

Please Note: This is not a complete list of SEO mistakes. If you have any comments or suggestions about this SEO article then feel free to add them.

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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Keyword Glossary


What is keyword proximity?
Keyword proximity describes the closeness between two keywords.

What is keyword density?
Keyword density is the ration of the occurrence of particular keyword or key phrase to the total number of words used in a page.

Try to maintain keyword density from 2% to 8% for optimum search engine ranking.

What is keyword frequency?
Keyword frequency refers to the keyword or keyword phrase appear within the web page.

What is keyword Prominence?
Keyword prominence refers to how prominent keywords are within a web page.

What is keyword cloud?
Keyword cloud is a visual depiction of keywords used on a website; keywords having higher density are depicted in larger fonts.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Google added paid linking form in Webmaster Tools


From last couple of months Google was saying that they will be hard on paid linking. In Search Marketing Expo conference they have discussed regarding paid linking issues.

In Google webmaster tools they have added a Report paid links form. So, anyone can suggest Google if any website provide paid linking. This is not clear that how Google will take action to such paid linking websites but it is clear that Google now squeeze algorithm to take some hard action to paid linking websites.

This action will be very painful for new website owner who are seeking quick position in Google and participated in paid linking. Google had clearly written that they do not like paid linking at all, so avoid paying for a link and try to improve your searching ranking using all ethical SEO tactics.

Also in Google Webmaster Tool they also rename re-inclusion request to Submit a reconsideration request

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Monday, June 11, 2007

Google Webmaster Guideline – Updated

Hello Friends,

Recently Google has updated webmaster guideline, in webmaster guideline Google had written more specific information under Quality Guideline – specific guideline

Hidden Text or hidden links – information about hidden text and hidden links
Cloaking and Sneaky redirects – Information about Cloaking, Java Script Redirects and Doorway pages
Automated quires to Google
Load pages with irrelevant keywords – Information about Keyword Stuffing
Duplicated content – Information about Duplicate Content and how to protect your website from getting banned due to duplication
Pages created that install virus, Trojan, or other badware – Information about websites that spread virus and Trojan and how Google react on such websites
Doorway pages – Information about Cloaking, Sneaky JavaScript Redirects and Doorway pages
Unique content with helpful information that make users to stay on your website – Information about unique content that effect on website ranking.


Friday, June 1, 2007

Link Building – In the Eye of Search Engine

What is link exchange and how to do it?
Simply saying link exchange means placing link of website on other websites. To start link exchange contact other website and convince them to place your website link on their website and in return add their website link on your website. This is called link exchange partnership.

How link exchange help in promoting my website?
Once your website is ready from all programming and design aspects then how do you get traffic on your website. Do increase your website traffic you need to contact other website and request them to place your link and if they find your website useful for their visitors then only they will place a link of your website. Now if user come to your partners website and found your link and by this way your website get popularity and if your content and website provide useful information then user regularly come to visit your website. Exchanging link is cheapest way to start building a targeted traffic to your website.

Advantages and Disadvantages of link exchange?
It is true that link exchange will help you in promoting website through search engine but only if its done right otherwise your website get banned in search engine.
Search engine regularly visits websites that already indexed and if search engine find your website link then crawler visit your website and cached your website by this way search engine knows about your new website and indexing website in their search result.
Once you have hundreds of link pointing to your website
Link from a related website is more efficient then non related website. If you have few websites provide relevant information to your website then your website will get more targeted traffic.
Link exchange will also help in improving website search engine ranking. Text link is more powerful compared to image link. Website linking to your website has a keyword link then chance will be higher to getting good search engine position.

Webmasters often did mistake in judging relevancy of a website. If you do link exchange with unrelated sites then it will not help you in getting good search engine ranking. Also in some cases website get banned due to excessive irrelevant links.
Beware of the companies provide large amount of unrelated links to your website. This type of service count in link farms or FFA (Free For All) which will done good damage to your website. Link farms provide link back from the irrelevant web pages that have been created sole purpose to improve incoming links to a website. If search engine find large amount of link back from irrelevant website then your website will be banned from SERP.
Google and other search engine have problem in crawling links from Java Script. If a website provide link back using java script then it will not count as incoming link.

How to check inbound links?
You did a good practice and your website got hundereds of link back but it is unfair to say that search engine will find each and every sites that have placed a link to your website. It is possible that search engine show few sites as your inbound links. Now I am going to give you an example of a website Promotional Pencils this site has hundreds of inbound link but in Google database it show no more then 30 inbound links. To check it open and write and you will see the result that display inbound links.

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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Google Supplemental Result – How to get out of Supplemental Result

What is Google Supplemental Result?

Simply saying Google Supplemental result means pages that are not valuable in the eye of Google. Once Google find such pages he sort out pages and put them in supplemental result.

Is supplemental result affecting my overall ranking?

Most probably YES. If Google show most of your web pages in their supplemental result then your website ranking will be down. Supplemental results means Google don’t like those pages and not like to index them in their main index. So overall your website pages will be drop and as well your ranking. If you have a static small website then you can probably manage all pages of your website and make them different from all other pages but supplemental result problem very common in big dynamic site where webmaster cant distinguish enough from other pages and Google through pages in their supplemental index and will not crawl those pages regularly. Pages showed in Supplemental results are still show in Google Cache but Google cached page before month or more. This shows Google not like to visit this page often and don’t like to index.

How to get out of Google Supplemental Result?

This is very crucial for every webmaster to make site search engine friendly so search engine call crawl each and every page and include pages in their index. Once site is ready webmaster need to check content of each and every page, Meta, title and description. It must be different from all other pages. If you have deep linking then put a direct link on home page of your website so Google find it easily and love to crawl page regularly. Other important thing you need to consider is URL, make sure URL do not contain query string, hyphen and numbers. In Google Webmaster Guideline they have clearly mentioned

If you decide to use dynamic pages (i.e., the URL contains a "?" character), be aware that not every search engine spider crawls dynamic pages as well as static pages. It helps to keep the parameters short and the number of them few.

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Friday, May 18, 2007

Compete – A New Traffic Ranking Released

Hi All,

Today morning when I started my browser I found one other tool including in bottom right corner of Firefox. When I place my mouse over the toolbar I found that it shows compete ranking. Then I started to search around on net to find more information about compete ranking. For one of my website I compare compete ranking and Alexa ranking and both have vast difference. So, I started to study compete ranking in detail.

Compete was created in 2000 to organize the clicks made through web. I found that vast difference between compete ranking and Alexa ranking for my website. Compete basically count site traffic and engagement metrics based on daily browsing activities of internet surfers for U.S users. Compete shows ranking for the website visitors only from U.S. Internet population, while Alexa shows data from all over the country. So compete is more specific tool for U.S. Compete was created by expert in mathematics, statistics and the data sciences to aggregate, transform, enhance and normalize data in order to estimate U.S. Internet Traffic.

Compete also warn you of spy ware, phishing, online scam and other potentially malicious websites. Compete team also work on searching the web to short out sites that provide software download service offer unwanted adware and spyware.

For more details visit

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Thursday, May 3, 2007

Hidden facts about Meta Tag


As we all know main SEO efforts start from optimizing a website for search engine. Once site is ready to submit in all search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, AltaVista, etc, but before submitting your website in search engine you need to revise all SEO efforts that may heart your ranking as well improve your ranking. Many SEO did same mistake in optimizing their Meta Tags include Meta Title, Meta Description and Meta Keywords. SEO must need to do deep research while choosing keywords for website. This is most crucial task in success of a website. To find keyword you can use overture keyword suggestion tool developed by Yahoo. Write appropriate word in keyword suggestion tools and when you have a list of keywords for a site then short list most important keywords. Try to use keyword phrase or terms that you think user will type while they are searching for your product through search engine. If you are own a hotel and want traffic from search engine then you probably don’t need to optimize for Hotel as this is generalize keyword but if your hotel located in Ahmedabad then better to concentrate on Hotel in Ahmedabad. For this keyword your chances will be more compare to hotel and you will receive targeted users. This applies for all business and service provider websites.

Now you are clear what you want your website to do and also complete list of keywords. Now first initiative is to optimize your Meta Tags.

Here are three main hidden facts where most SEOs did mistake.

Keyword Density: - Most SEO and Web Promotion experts do not follow quality guideline provided by Google. Your title length should be 6 to 12 words maximum, your description length should be 12 to 24 words maximum and finally your keyword length should be 24 to 40 words. At the beginning of title tag, description tag and keyword tag put most effective keyword of your website. Try to repeat the keywords, for which you optimize, at least two times in Meta tags but its better if you use keyword phrase. Using keyword phrase will improve your keyword density and your website chance of getting good ranking in search engine.

Avoid Stop Words: - One other hidden thing in optimizing Meta tag is stop words. Probably most SEOs forget to keep watching on search engine stop words. Search engine stop words are those words that search don’t crawl and not help in improving search engine ranking.

Search Engine Stop Words:- I, a, about, an, are, as, at, be, by, com, de, en, for, from, how, in, is, it, la, of, on, or, that, the, this, to, was, what, when, where, who, will, with, und, the, www

If it’s possible then try to keep above mentioned words away from your title tag. It is not possible to write sentence without above stops words but you can control above words by other ways.


Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Google Adsense and Non-google Adds


I regularly visit many forums to see the problems of different webmasters. While browsing through forums i found many postings related to Google Adsense and non-google adds and Yahoo Publishers adds on same page. I found many webmasters are confused in showing Google and Yahoo Ads on same page. From last three years i am also involved in Google Adsense and Google Adwords campaign and i constantly monitor effects of both adds on same page of my website. I placed Google ads and yahoo ads on same page of my website. Before placing contextual ads i checked my website ranking in google and it was on around 50 for most competitve keywords. I made one file that listed all keywords on which we are good position. Then after i placed both adds on the home page of my website and found that day by day our position lacking in the eye of Google.

Finally from this research i come to know that if someone put google adsense and yahoo publishers ads or any kind of other contextual adds on same page, website result start vanish. Then i wrote to Google about publishing non google contextual adds on same page and i got following reply from Google Adsense team

if you choose to place non-Google ads on the same site orpage as Google ads, it should always be clear to the user that the ads areserved by different advertising networks and that the non-Google ads haveno association with Google.

For more information regarding google adsense issue visit where you can post your questions.

So, it is clear that you cant use Google and Yahoo ads on same page.

Once i removed yahoo adds from my webpages my ranking improved and now my websites are on good position in Google.

SEO & Web Promotion Expert.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Link Poularity - Important Factor to Get Good Search Engine Ranking

Link popularity of a website is the main factor that affects your website ranking in search engine. Compare to other search engines Google give high weight age to a link that pointing to your website. While running link exchange campaign for a website you must beware of link farms and FFA (Free For All) type of website. This type of link back will drain out your search engine ranking. Look for quality link back instead of quantity.

Before proceeding to link exchange you need to know what link popularity is and how it affects your website ranking. Link popularity is known as the number of website that link to your website. These type of links are called inbound links and to check inbound links to your website type in Google. Search engine spider crawl website and track the links that point to your website to give raking in their SERP. Quality of a website is important than quantity for good ranking. You will find websites that have thousands of link back they still struggle to get higher ranking and other website with fewer but quality link back that rise to the top in search engine.

Calculate Inbound Links: If you want to see inbound links in the eye of Google then type and it will display all inbound links that point to your website. On the web you can search for inbound link checker tools that will show all link back sites that searching will not show in their search result.

How Google Measure Link Popularity: If you have hundreds or thousands of websites linking to your website and if your website still struggling to get higher ranking than your probably need to check the relevance of the website that point to your website. If you own a website that selling Clothing and Accessories and you got around 1000 link back. Now link popularity come in picture, Google will check each and every website linking to you and check the relevancy of the topic of the website and if find websites that nothing do with the topic of your website then your website rank will effect adversely or you website may get banned for excessive irrelevant links. So, before starting link exchange campaigning study your website and then search for relevant website but do not link back to the competitors because it will drive your customer to other shop.

How to get quality links: Quality always wins again quantity. How do I find a quality link back to my site? This is the most common question in every one mind while they optimizing their website for search engine. To get quality link back you need to write an article. Google and all other search engine love to crawl text links through article. So, write down article about your product and service and include your website link at the end of the article or you can also use your sign in which can use a link to your website. By this way you will get one quality link back. Submit this article in website that allow you to publish your article.

Other way of getting a quality link back is Blog. Recently Google and other search engine give high weight age to the links that come from blogs do posting in your blog daily. Search engine will regularly crawl blogs and your chance for getting good ranking will be higher.

Here you can find a link of Google authorized blog. Please refer this link for more idea

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Tuesday, April 3, 2007

On page optimization

Good SEO must consider two main optimization strategy to get high ranking and good traffic through search engine

On Page Optimization and Off Page Optimization

Here we will discuss about ON PAGE OPTIMIZATION STRATEGY

On page optimization tactic is very useful in getting ranking in your website SERP result. On page optimization will not boost your ranking in search engine but it will help you better in achieving high ranking. On page optimization strategy involve modification in your web page html code, improve keyword density in URL, meta tags, on page content optimization, heading tag (H1 Tag), text links and outbound links. If you keep on page optimization in your mind before submitting your website then you can stand in a queue for getting high ranking otherwise you will be responsible only for your ranking.

Choosing a right keyword for a page

Select most appropriate keywords to optimize your web page. Use following tool to select your keyword Your website success mainly depends on the selection of your keyword.

Keyword optimization

Make sure your keyword must appear in your Meta tags at least one time, also wise selection of keyword phrase in your title tag, description tag and keyword tag will help you in getting targeted users. Stay away from keyword stuffing in your meta tag, keyword stuffing will boost your website ranking in short period but you will enjoy the ranking for short period and once search engine find stuffing your website will loss the ranking and may search engine block your website from their result page.

Using H1 tag for a specific keyword

Heading tag is also important factor for your on page optimization practice. Make sure you have h1 tag in your content. Also it is good if H1 tag appear only one time in your content.

Use Bold tag for appropriate keywords

Search engine will give importance to the word that written in bold or italic letter. Make sure bold and italicized text appear only two or three times in your content otherwise Google consider it as a black hat tactic and may banned from search result.

Use ALT Tag for Image

Alt Tag will also help you in on page optimization. Place an appropriate keyword under ALT Tag of image.

If you have any further question in your mind for on page optimization than please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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Friday, March 16, 2007

Optimize Image for Search Engine


How are you all? Hope you all are doing well.

Here i am going to discuss one other issue related to optimizing a website for search engine. As we all know Image is very important part for visual representation of a website. Image will say mch more about your website and choosing a image that reflect your business is a very typical and important task. Your website image will say much more about your business or product. So, it is very important to optimize a image of a website for search engine. Choose an image that make sense otherwise you will loose your visitors.

How to optimize a website for Google Image Search?

Giving a name to image is most important. If your website sell gift products than give a meaningful name to an image. Instead of using image1.jpg give a name babygift.jpg or anything else that show the name of your product or service.

Dont forget to include Alt Tag for your image. Alt tag is also important from SEO point of view because search engine will never crawl an image but it include ALT TAG text in their search result.

We know that loading of a website is very important and it directly influence the performance of website visitors experience. Size of image can create long time to load web page if images are not well optimized. Try to compress image using photoshop option "Save for Web (Alt + Ctrl + Shift)". Also you can use any image editing software available in market to compress a website.

If you still have problem in optimizing an image for search engine please do reply on my email address

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Will disucss more on other issues related to SEO in next session.

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Monday, March 12, 2007

Important SEO Tactics that your competitors have


I am in this filed from last 3 years and searching around the net for finding some high ranked websites. I deeply crawl many websites that ranked high in SERP for specific keywords and after studing their website i found some minor but most effective tactics that other webmasters dont use. I found many small mistake that cause big problem in ranking. I advice all SEOs looking for high ranking must consider following tactics.

PAGE TITLE : Simple but Attractive

I found many websites that stuffed number of keywords in their website title and i shocked when i visited some website that have used around five to six lines in their title. I advice those webmaster who are using accessive keywords in their title. Try to make your title length around 12 words and maximum 60 characters. Google and other search engine will not crawl title that is too long and also if stuffed number of keywords than you are near to get banned because your chance for getting high ranked is better but after sometime when search engine will able to find keyword stuffing than your site will be get banned from their result. So, make your site title more effective and easily readble to both your website visitors and also search engine.

Clean and eye catching web site design

This is not part of SEO or web promotion but SEO must keep in mind that site must look good so visitors like to visit site often. Clean and attractive site design drive user to come to your website and also marketing your website to their friends and relative. One of the site i refer to many of my friend is because i like this website. So, mouth advertising will also help you website in building good user base. Also site must be easily accessible. All important pages about your product or service must clearly visible to user. This will also help search engine to crawl all important pages. If you have deep linking on your site that create a sitemap so search engine find your website easily.

On page keywords

Make sure you have well optimized content on your index page because your index page is most important from search engine point of view. Search engine often visit your home page and than find inner pages of your website. Make sure you have liste all important keywords in your content but beware of keyword stuffing again. Try to use keyword phrase that you think website visitor may use to find your website.

Relevant Link

Try to get some quality link back from the relavent site. The site that link to your website must have relevant topic, atleast PR 4, page where they will place your link must be crawled regularly by all search engine otherwise it will be useless. Avoid link back from FFA type websites.

We will discuss it in detail later but i want to advice all SEO to follow these steps because these tactics will surely help their website to get ranked high in Search Engine.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

How to start with New Website?

Hello Friends,

How to start with a newly developed websites? This most common and important question that every SEO guys have in their mind. Once website is ready main work of SEO starts from optimizing it for search engine so search engine can find each and every page easily and can crawl whole website regularly. Some SEOs doing one big mistake that make site hard to crawl inner pages. First go thorugh the whole website and check the content and URL of the websites. Make sure URL must contain the main keyword like if you have any subpage than the URL must be

or if you have subdomain than

Search engine higly relay on the URL of the website so make sure that your sub pages and sub domains contain keyword.

Other thing is that look deeply in the content of the each and every pages. As we all know Content is King so make sure website content is well optimized and contain relevant keywords ane key phrases. Once you have checked URL and content other thing is to keep in mind is that backlink. Avoid FFA (Free For All) type of backlink, your main focus is get good link partners or you can also search for instant link back provider. Beware of SEO companies stating that they will provide thousands of backlinks to your website because if search engine find thousands of backlink in a month or two than your website probably near to death(banned). Never try to cheat search engine otherwise you have to pay for it.

One simple and effective way is to post your website link in some good related forum. I manange one big forum and daily i found number of adult posting and we delete it from our result so go for targeted traffic and aviod to post your website in every forum. First search for the forum that related to your website topic and than post information about your service or product whatever you are selling or provide to the customer.

So these are the small but main features that affect highly on raking your website in SERP.

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Wednesday, March 7, 2007

What wil be the future of SEOs?


First let me introduce little about my self. My name is Bhavesh Goswami and working in a USA based company. I am with this company from last 3 years and working as a Search Engine Optimization Expert and Web Promotion Expert. I did SEO on many websites and most of them are on good position in Google for our most relevant keywords.

I created this blog specially to discuss about the future of the guys working as SEO. As we all know that the future of any company or website depends on SEO but have you ever think on what we are depending? Obviously on search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, AltaVista, etc. What will be future of SEOs? I am seriously worried about this question. Now competitions are very tuff and website owners now focusing on advertise in Search Engine, Directories, Channels and Radio. Sometime I scream in my dream while thinking, what happen if Google will only focus on advertising and if Google will not crawl website regular to provide high potential to their paid advertisers. This is really a serious issue and I think all SEOs and Web Promotion experts need to think about it.