Monday, October 15, 2007

Improve website ranking with Meta Description

Hi All,

Major search engines give importance to Meta Description tag. Google like to display Meta description in search result because it believes that Meta description give detail idea about the website content. While creating a Meta Description for your web pages make sure that description don’t comprise of long keyword string because it will count as spam. Well formatted Meta tag will help you improve your Click through ratio.

How to create good Meta for your web pages?
If you want to optimize each and every web pages of your site then it is must necessary to create unique Meta for every pages. Create accurate description that describes each page clearly. You can also give priority to website pages like your home page and other important pages while creating description and for less important pages you can use programmatically generated Meta description. It is quite difficult to create unique description tag for database driven website. In this case you need to create description tag programmatically but make sure that your description does not violet search engine webmaster guideline. Dynamically generated descriptions are not spammy and it must be easy to read and easy understand.
Always write clear facts in website description and make your description descriptive.

Bhavesh Goswami.

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