Friday, June 1, 2007

Link Building – In the Eye of Search Engine

What is link exchange and how to do it?
Simply saying link exchange means placing link of website on other websites. To start link exchange contact other website and convince them to place your website link on their website and in return add their website link on your website. This is called link exchange partnership.

How link exchange help in promoting my website?
Once your website is ready from all programming and design aspects then how do you get traffic on your website. Do increase your website traffic you need to contact other website and request them to place your link and if they find your website useful for their visitors then only they will place a link of your website. Now if user come to your partners website and found your link and by this way your website get popularity and if your content and website provide useful information then user regularly come to visit your website. Exchanging link is cheapest way to start building a targeted traffic to your website.

Advantages and Disadvantages of link exchange?
It is true that link exchange will help you in promoting website through search engine but only if its done right otherwise your website get banned in search engine.
Search engine regularly visits websites that already indexed and if search engine find your website link then crawler visit your website and cached your website by this way search engine knows about your new website and indexing website in their search result.
Once you have hundreds of link pointing to your website
Link from a related website is more efficient then non related website. If you have few websites provide relevant information to your website then your website will get more targeted traffic.
Link exchange will also help in improving website search engine ranking. Text link is more powerful compared to image link. Website linking to your website has a keyword link then chance will be higher to getting good search engine position.

Webmasters often did mistake in judging relevancy of a website. If you do link exchange with unrelated sites then it will not help you in getting good search engine ranking. Also in some cases website get banned due to excessive irrelevant links.
Beware of the companies provide large amount of unrelated links to your website. This type of service count in link farms or FFA (Free For All) which will done good damage to your website. Link farms provide link back from the irrelevant web pages that have been created sole purpose to improve incoming links to a website. If search engine find large amount of link back from irrelevant website then your website will be banned from SERP.
Google and other search engine have problem in crawling links from Java Script. If a website provide link back using java script then it will not count as incoming link.

How to check inbound links?
You did a good practice and your website got hundereds of link back but it is unfair to say that search engine will find each and every sites that have placed a link to your website. It is possible that search engine show few sites as your inbound links. Now I am going to give you an example of a website Promotional Pencils this site has hundreds of inbound link but in Google database it show no more then 30 inbound links. To check it open and write and you will see the result that display inbound links.

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Aisha Danna said...

Hi Bhavesh,

Your blog is quite informative and it did give me an insight into the process of link 'segregation'. As marketers, it is imperative that we know which inbound links will actually stand us in good stead on search engines. The little 'test' described by you can be quite revealing. Looking forward to some more interesting stuff from you.
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