Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Anatomy of Google Search Result

Official webmaster of Google Matt announced some tips about the anatomy of Google search result. I hope this post will help you to know about Google search results. He suggested something important for webmaster that may help webmaster but didn’t give any guarantee about his tips.

Here are some topics that he discussed earlier

As we know this come from the Title of the web page. Many website owner make mistake in title, title tag must contain a main keyword of your website you can repeat keywords maximum 2 times. Matt gave one example of Starbucks; their title is “Starbucks Homepage” but he hint that title should be like “Starbucks Coffee” instead of “Starbucks Homepage”. Sometime Google use title from the ODP (Open Directory Project) and if you want to prevent Google to use this title then simply include following Meta tag in your head tag
meta name=”robots” content=”noodp”

Snippet is the Meta description of the webpage. In Google search page you will snippet underneath the title of the page. Try to include keyword in your Meta description tag and if someone searches for related keywords then Google will display description from your Meta description tag. If Google will not find related word in your Meta description then sometimes it shows description from the content of webpage. If no description find on the page then Google include snippet from the ODP (Open Directory Project). If someone search for the word that not present in your Meta description and not in ODP then Google try to find more relevant text from the page and display in snippet.

Plus Box
If you have address on your page or map then Google will show plus box in search result. If someone like to read more about the website and click on plus box Google will show additional information about the website.

If someone does a query and if it’s in on the page then Google make it bold, so user will have exact idea about the keyword that present the website. Matt also told that Google knows about steaming, morphology and synonyms that help user to find more relevant products on the web. If someone searches for car and search result shows Mercedes in search result, but that wouldn’t be in bold, so Google only shows word in bold that actually you wrote in your search query.

Page Size
After the snippet of the web page Google shows URL of the webpage. Sometimes it will show size of the page in kilobytes. So, in the example you will find a Page size for Google it shows that the size of the page is only 6k means less size so it will load quickly.

Cached Link
Cached link actually shows the cached copy of the web page. Cached link is important when your website is down then still you can access the page by clicking on cached link from the search result. Also it will show the last cached copy of the page, so you will get idea about the last Google visited the page. Sometimes if search engine crawled snippet and the result are fresh then sometime Google indicate that site crawled ago few hours.

Site Links
Matt told that site links are 100% algorithmic and are never the result of payment; this is not done by hand. Google try to pickup the short title and description of the web page that may be helpful for searchers. They try to give more information about the web pages that they might interest in.

More Result
Sometimes you also find More Results for www.domain.com. If Google have lots of results for the website they will show some results under site links but if have lots of pages then they show More Result link. So if you want to look at all other pages then you will find it by visiting more result link.

Bhavesh Goswami

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