Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Negative SEO: Sabotage competitor ranking with Negative SEO

If you are running online business and your business relies on Google, Yahoo, MSN and other search engine and if your website acquire top position in search then your competitor may try to dominate using negative SEO tactics.

Is this happen with my website? Answer is yes, if your website gain good ranking in search engine then you competitors may sabotage your natural ranking with Negative SEO. Negative SEO require good understanding of search engine algorithm and search engine rules.
So, we can divide SEO into two types
1. Constructive SEO and
2. Destructive SEO

How this destructive SEO tactics harm your website ranking?
Search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN depend on number links to a website from partners’ website. This rule is simple to understand: “If you have more link back website pointing to your website then your chances of getting higher ranking in search engine is more”. Many webmasters and SEO companies use software that submits your website in thousands of search engines and directories. If your website is fresh website or even old one and you receive thousands of links back in a short period then it will not count in natural linking but consider in artificial linking. Search engine may consider this as a Link Spamming and may banned or sabotage your website ranking. This applies in negative SEO tactics, if you competitor do same for your website then your website ranking will be affect.

Here are different ways to sabotage your natural ranking.

(1) Google Bowling
(2) Tattling
(3) Google Insulation
(4) Copyright Takedown Notices
(5) Copied Content
(6) Denial of Service
(7) Click Fraud

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