Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Link Poularity - Important Factor to Get Good Search Engine Ranking

Link popularity of a website is the main factor that affects your website ranking in search engine. Compare to other search engines Google give high weight age to a link that pointing to your website. While running link exchange campaign for a website you must beware of link farms and FFA (Free For All) type of website. This type of link back will drain out your search engine ranking. Look for quality link back instead of quantity.

Before proceeding to link exchange you need to know what link popularity is and how it affects your website ranking. Link popularity is known as the number of website that link to your website. These type of links are called inbound links and to check inbound links to your website type link:www.yourdomainname.com in Google. Search engine spider crawl website and track the links that point to your website to give raking in their SERP. Quality of a website is important than quantity for good ranking. You will find websites that have thousands of link back they still struggle to get higher ranking and other website with fewer but quality link back that rise to the top in search engine.

Calculate Inbound Links: If you want to see inbound links in the eye of Google then type link:www.yoursitename.com and it will display all inbound links that point to your website. On the web you can search for inbound link checker tools that will show all link back sites that searching will not show in their search result.

How Google Measure Link Popularity: If you have hundreds or thousands of websites linking to your website and if your website still struggling to get higher ranking than your probably need to check the relevance of the website that point to your website. If you own a website that selling Clothing and Accessories and you got around 1000 link back. Now link popularity come in picture, Google will check each and every website linking to you and check the relevancy of the topic of the website and if find websites that nothing do with the topic of your website then your website rank will effect adversely or you website may get banned for excessive irrelevant links. So, before starting link exchange campaigning study your website and then search for relevant website but do not link back to the competitors because it will drive your customer to other shop.

How to get quality links: Quality always wins again quantity. How do I find a quality link back to my site? This is the most common question in every one mind while they optimizing their website for search engine. To get quality link back you need to write an article. Google and all other search engine love to crawl text links through article. So, write down article about your product and service and include your website link at the end of the article or you can also use your sign in which can use a link to your website. By this way you will get one quality link back. Submit this article in website that allow you to publish your article.

Other way of getting a quality link back is Blog. Recently Google and other search engine give high weight age to the links that come from blogs do posting in your blog daily. Search engine will regularly crawl blogs and your chance for getting good ranking will be higher.

Here you can find a link of Google authorized blog. Please refer this link for more idea


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