Tuesday, April 3, 2007

On page optimization

Good SEO must consider two main optimization strategy to get high ranking and good traffic through search engine

On Page Optimization and Off Page Optimization

Here we will discuss about ON PAGE OPTIMIZATION STRATEGY

On page optimization tactic is very useful in getting ranking in your website SERP result. On page optimization will not boost your ranking in search engine but it will help you better in achieving high ranking. On page optimization strategy involve modification in your web page html code, improve keyword density in URL, meta tags, on page content optimization, heading tag (H1 Tag), text links and outbound links. If you keep on page optimization in your mind before submitting your website then you can stand in a queue for getting high ranking otherwise you will be responsible only for your ranking.

Choosing a right keyword for a page

Select most appropriate keywords to optimize your web page. Use following tool to select your keyword http://inventory.overture.com/. Your website success mainly depends on the selection of your keyword.

Keyword optimization

Make sure your keyword must appear in your Meta tags at least one time, also wise selection of keyword phrase in your title tag, description tag and keyword tag will help you in getting targeted users. Stay away from keyword stuffing in your meta tag, keyword stuffing will boost your website ranking in short period but you will enjoy the ranking for short period and once search engine find stuffing your website will loss the ranking and may search engine block your website from their result page.

Using H1 tag for a specific keyword

Heading tag is also important factor for your on page optimization practice. Make sure you have h1 tag in your content. Also it is good if H1 tag appear only one time in your content.

Use Bold tag for appropriate keywords

Search engine will give importance to the word that written in bold or italic letter. Make sure bold and italicized text appear only two or three times in your content otherwise Google consider it as a black hat tactic and may banned from search result.

Use ALT Tag for Image

Alt Tag will also help you in on page optimization. Place an appropriate keyword under ALT Tag of image.

If you have any further question in your mind for on page optimization than please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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