Thursday, May 3, 2007

Hidden facts about Meta Tag


As we all know main SEO efforts start from optimizing a website for search engine. Once site is ready to submit in all search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, AltaVista, etc, but before submitting your website in search engine you need to revise all SEO efforts that may heart your ranking as well improve your ranking. Many SEO did same mistake in optimizing their Meta Tags include Meta Title, Meta Description and Meta Keywords. SEO must need to do deep research while choosing keywords for website. This is most crucial task in success of a website. To find keyword you can use overture keyword suggestion tool developed by Yahoo. Write appropriate word in keyword suggestion tools and when you have a list of keywords for a site then short list most important keywords. Try to use keyword phrase or terms that you think user will type while they are searching for your product through search engine. If you are own a hotel and want traffic from search engine then you probably don’t need to optimize for Hotel as this is generalize keyword but if your hotel located in Ahmedabad then better to concentrate on Hotel in Ahmedabad. For this keyword your chances will be more compare to hotel and you will receive targeted users. This applies for all business and service provider websites.

Now you are clear what you want your website to do and also complete list of keywords. Now first initiative is to optimize your Meta Tags.

Here are three main hidden facts where most SEOs did mistake.

Keyword Density: - Most SEO and Web Promotion experts do not follow quality guideline provided by Google. Your title length should be 6 to 12 words maximum, your description length should be 12 to 24 words maximum and finally your keyword length should be 24 to 40 words. At the beginning of title tag, description tag and keyword tag put most effective keyword of your website. Try to repeat the keywords, for which you optimize, at least two times in Meta tags but its better if you use keyword phrase. Using keyword phrase will improve your keyword density and your website chance of getting good ranking in search engine.

Avoid Stop Words: - One other hidden thing in optimizing Meta tag is stop words. Probably most SEOs forget to keep watching on search engine stop words. Search engine stop words are those words that search don’t crawl and not help in improving search engine ranking.

Search Engine Stop Words:- I, a, about, an, are, as, at, be, by, com, de, en, for, from, how, in, is, it, la, of, on, or, that, the, this, to, was, what, when, where, who, will, with, und, the, www

If it’s possible then try to keep above mentioned words away from your title tag. It is not possible to write sentence without above stops words but you can control above words by other ways.



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