Friday, May 18, 2007

Compete – A New Traffic Ranking Released

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Today morning when I started my browser I found one other tool including in bottom right corner of Firefox. When I place my mouse over the toolbar I found that it shows compete ranking. Then I started to search around on net to find more information about compete ranking. For one of my website I compare compete ranking and Alexa ranking and both have vast difference. So, I started to study compete ranking in detail.

Compete was created in 2000 to organize the clicks made through web. I found that vast difference between compete ranking and Alexa ranking for my website. Compete basically count site traffic and engagement metrics based on daily browsing activities of internet surfers for U.S users. Compete shows ranking for the website visitors only from U.S. Internet population, while Alexa shows data from all over the country. So compete is more specific tool for U.S. Compete was created by expert in mathematics, statistics and the data sciences to aggregate, transform, enhance and normalize data in order to estimate U.S. Internet Traffic.

Compete also warn you of spy ware, phishing, online scam and other potentially malicious websites. Compete team also work on searching the web to short out sites that provide software download service offer unwanted adware and spyware.

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