Monday, June 29, 2009

Which website performs better in terms of SEO? – CSS Based or Table Based

Google officials clear some doubts related to website designed based on CSS and Table. Currently wordpress, joomla, Web2.0 and other CMS (Content Management System) becoming more popular and many website owners believes that CSS based website performs well in major search engines.

But Google official Matt Cut clearly mentioned in his recent video both website designed using CSS or Table perform well in search engine. They do not have different criteria for crawling CSS based and Table based websites. What things they consider is only the well structured language. If you are using Table for your website design, do not put your HTML coding in complex table structure, it is hard for search engine to crawl a complex table structure website. If website designed using Table have simple and easy to understand structure then crawler crawl your website without any problem.

To improve your website ranking design your website in manner so search engine can easily access and crawl your website, make sure your website load quickly, your website provide good value for your website visitors, do not optimize your website for search engine but for website visitors and you will win the race.

Bhavesh Goswami.

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Patelligence said...

To answer your question: CSS-based design performs much better in terms of SEO. Plus it gives more flexibility than traditional table-based design.
Note: Please do not use too many images or Flash elements on your website, since it makes it slower to load and less effective for SEO.