Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Tips while moving to a new domain

Hi All,

This is very important and crucial task from SEO point of view while you are moving your entire old domain to a new domain name. This is always a very difficult task to perform for a webmaster but following these steps will prevent your website to hurt from natural search engine.

1. Once you complete with moving all content to a new domain name then write a code that will redirect your old domain to newer one. You are permanently moving your website to a new domain so make sure you are using 301 Redirect (Permanent Redirect).

2. Once this is done, check if its work properly. You need to create page by page 301 redirect so Search Engine and Users can find exact corresponding page.

3. Add your new domain to google webmaster tool and verify it and then upload sitemap, so google find your new domain and crawl every pages.

4. Check regularly crawling report in Google Webmaster tool and check if google showing any 404 page for your old domain, if you find any 404 page then create 301 redirect page.

5. Once everything done with Google and other search engines check back link of your old domain and contact webmasters to let me know that your website moved to a new domain and ask them to change the link back url.

6. keep control on your old domain up to 180 days.

Bhavesh Goswami.


Rak said...

Recently I have just moved to a new domain.
I would like to keep the old sitemap with new target page address.
Is it Ok..?
Or I have to create new Websiatemap and use it..?
I feel because my old site had more reputation than previuos.
I am keeping the main page of the old domain. rest all page moved to new domain.
What do u feel.?

Bhavesh Goswami said...

Hi Rak,

Thanks for your comment.

I want more details to give you proper answer.

Please let me know your old domain name and new domain name where you want to move your website.

Use 301 redirects so search engine find all pages are now moved to new domain name including your sitemap, you can keep same sitemap with new page address.

You want to keep the main page of the old domain, i think this is not a good idea because if both old index page and new index page have same content then it will count as duplicate page. Effective way is to use 301 redirect, so even if user try to open your old reputed pages they will redirect to new pages and day by day new pages of your website will get reputation.

Let me know if you have any question.

Bhavesh Goswami.

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