Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Some Basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) but Important Tactics

Hi All,

SEO is the most effective part for the success of any online business. SEO is living and breathing process that will change accordingly but never ends. Before you start SEO campaign for your website you should first create plan and need to set Goal. You need consider following things while you are starting optimization

>> Title of the page
>> Meta tags
>> Content
>> Website Navigation System
>> Graphics of website
>> Anchor Text
>> Links
>> Location of keywords
>> Frequency of keywords

These are the main factors for website optimization. Success of your website highly depends on the keywords or keyword phrase. Never start with high competitive or generic keywords, try to optimize for more specific keyword phrases that internet surfer looking for.

Meta tags are most important for the success of your website, many other factors are important. Use descriptive and keyword reach meta tags for your website

Website navigation must be easy to understand for both user and search engines. If you want to use flash enabled links then dont forget to put a simple text link some where on the page so Search Engine can find all of your web pages easily and include more and more pages in their index.

When starting SEO campaign set the importance for main pages. Example if you have 10 pages that you want to optimize but the most important pages is your Index page then first set the goal for this page. Set the priority for the page that will generate for revenue.

Location of keywords, means include most important keywords for your website throughout content of website.



Keri Foley said...

Amichai Inbar

Actually, google added no more weight in meta tags but yahoo and msn still added a LITTLE weight on this one. There's no harm on having a meta tags so I don't see any reason to set aside this on-page factor. Besides, meta tags are still crawlable.

Bhavesh Goswami said...


Thanks for your comment.

Google and most search engines now not crawl Meta Keywords but still Meta Title and Meta Description tags are important for goog ranking in all search engine.

Bhavesh Goswami.