Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Verify Google Analytics through Google Webmaster Tool

Now its easy to verify your Google analytics account using Google webmaster tool. If you are using same email accounts to access analytics and webmaster tool then from now you don’t need separate verification, you can now verify Google Analytics accounts using your webmaster tool.

Not only you can access your Google Analytics profile but you can also access some important analytics features through your webmaster tool.

Which features you can access in Webmaster Tool:

1. View Google Analytics referring pages report. To view this repot you need to
login to webmaster tool and then go to Links to your site page.
2. Also you can now easily access Analytics account directly from the top left bar
when you are viewing site related pages.

How to verify Google Analytics through Google Webmaster Tool

1. Login to Webmaster Tool.
2. Click on Manage next to the site you want to verify for Analytics.
3. Then click on Google Analytics Profiles.
4. Select the profile you want to associate with the site.
5. Click on Save to start viewing Google Analytics for your site.

Bhavesh Goswami.

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